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Contract Dispute Lawyers

Naperville Contract Dispute Attorney

Attorneys for Breach of Contract Litigation

When a person signs and executes any type of business contract, he or she agrees to comply with the terms and provisions contained in the agreement. His or her authorized signature creates obligations for his or her business in exchange for considerations offered by the other party, which may include monetary payments and rights to certain property, goods, or services. A business contract applies to both parties, and while each party's obligations may be different, a failure to comply with them can be extremely problematic. When facing a contract dispute or a possible breach of contract situation, the experienced attorneys at Rolewick & Gutzke, P.C. can help you obtain relief.

Recognizing Contract Problems

Business contracts are generally complicated documents that often contain confusing legal terms and page upon page of complex provisions. Such agreements may include lists of rights and responsibilities, contingencies, and mandated methods for resolving any disputes that arise. It is understandable that the average business owner may not even realize that the other party has breached a contract without the assistance of a qualified attorney. Even then, the affected party may not be certain what recourse he or she has.

At Rolewick & Gutzke, P.C., our attorneys have been working with business contracts for nearly 40 years. With our experience in negotiating and drafting such agreements, we are equipped to help clients identify areas of concern and behaviors that constitute a breach of the contract in question. When clients wish to dispute the terms of their agreements, or when a breach is identified, we are prepared to help them find a resolution quickly and with minimal disruption to their business.

Protecting Your Rights in Contract Disputes

A contract may contain provisions that limit options for seeking relief. In most cases, such limitations mean that you must utilize binding mediation or arbitration. Our attorneys assist clients in exploring their available avenues for relief and advocate on their behalf throughout the process. As skilled negotiators and seasoned litigators, we are prepared to help clients obtain:

  • Full enforcement of the contract's original terms
  • Compensation for damages caused by the other party's actions
  • Cancellation of the contract with a full refund of monies paid
  • Any other relief stipulated in the agreement or allowed by law

Attorneys for Contract Dispute Defense

When a contractual partner initiates a contract dispute against you or your company, it can be very difficult to manage on your own. Your personal and professional reputation may be endangered, and the outcome of the case could affect the future of your business. Our attorneys work with our clients in carefully reviewing contractual agreements and any claims being made. If necessary, we help broker an agreement that resolves the dispute with minimal impact to our clients and their company.

At our law firm, we offer guidance with:

  • Restraining orders and injunctive relief
  • Alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration
  • Civil litigation
  • Lease agreement disputes
  • Manufacturing disputes

Call a Contract Dispute Attorney

If you are party to a contract that is in dispute, you need guidance from a legal professional dedicated to protecting your best interests. Contact Rolewick & Gutzke, P.C. to discuss your situation with a member of our team. Call 630-653-1577 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation at our Wheaton offices today. Our firm is proud to serve clients in Warrenville, Naperville, Glen Ellyn, Carol Stream, Winfield, Downers Grove, St. Charles, Geneva, and surrounding areas.

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